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Solutions for pleasure boats, yachts and sailing boats

The more complex the product requirements are, the more important it is to be able to rely on a partner who - thanks to their experience in scale production - provides reliable and quality custom solutions. With experience spanning from the 1950s, VDO supply a wide range of professional solutions to the marine industry and are recognized as a brand with tradition.

The highest precision and the use of pioneering technologies are as important to us as the ease of use and appealing design. Our VDO Marine products enable optimal system integration and undergo extensive testing and quality assurance procedures. A wide range of first-class instrument platforms for engine monitoring and navigation combine precision and high design variation. The replaceable bezels, available in various designs, ensure our instruments can be adapted to suit the interior of any boat.


A premium instrumentation concept for engine monitoring, full navigation and vessel information for sailing boats and power boats of 10m and more.

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A modular digital and water proof instrumentation concept to support engine monitoring on modern sports and leisure boats of up to 18m.

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A standardized analogue instrument platform for pleasure boats, outboard engine use and yachts of up to 7m which offers highest precision and design variance.

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The multifunctional AcquaLink® Nav Sensor is the gem of all sensors.


The high quality sensors measure various variables and transfer information to several gauges. They are extremely robust and compatible with all VDO marine product lines.

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The AcquaLink® Media Box expands the possibilities of the AcquaLink® System with a HiFi experience.


Camera systems and various entertainment products add comfort to the time at sea.

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