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Advanced technology for relaxing voyages.

Our versatile range of accessories for the marine sector includes reliable camera systems to improve easy and safe maneuvering as well as high quality entertainment products for a vast variety of requirements.

The ProViu®Rear camera system significantly reduces blind spot areas and makes maneuvering in tight spaces much easier.

Camera Systems

Our camera systems enable the user to see obstacles that may not usually appear in direct vision or mirrors. Thus the systems improve the ease of maneuvering whilst decreasing the risk of accidents.

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The AcquaLink® Media Box expands the possibilities of the AcquaLink® System with a HiFi experience.

Entertainment Products

Enjoying your favorite music, listening to radio or weather forecasts and a lot more is possible with our entertainment products for the marine sector.

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Tolling Belgium Fix Installation

Truck Tolling in Belgium is coming 1st of April 2016. Be prepared now and buy a fix installation!

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