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ViewLine offers a comprehensive modular, modern series of instruments for engine monitoring on pleasure boats, yachts and for outboard engine use. It provides maximum freedom to customize the cockpit and is the natural choice for an attractive price / performance ratio. More functions and greater flexibility in installation and design increase the scope for high manufacturing standards and guarantee the highest level of reliability and readability. Moreover, a cross-platform standard offers maximum freedom with respect to cockpit customization.

In addition to the standard platform, ViewLine displays and gauges now have solutions to encompass combi and multifunction features.

The multifunctional gauge with segment display indicates the Speed over Ground and includes a programmable speed alarm.

Navigation Instruments

The ViewLine navigation instruments indicate speed, rudder position, trim angle, water depth as well as water temperature and synchronize the engine revolution of two engines.

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The ViewLine tachometer gauge with LCD display provides you with values on engine hours, engine revolution and additionally a clock.

Engine Control Instruments

The ViewLine engine control instruments monitor reliably engine revolution, battery charge and voltage, coolant and oil temperature, turbo pressure and oil pressure as well as transmission oil pressure.

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The ViewLine fuel level gauge provides information about the fuel level in the tank.

Level Instruments

Level instruments provide information about the levels of fuel, fresh water and waste water tanks.

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The clearly readable dial on the ViewLine quartz clock adds a stylish touch to every pleasure boat and yacht Cockpit.

Various Instruments

The quartz clock and the gauge that indicate outside temperature add a stylish look to every pleasure boat and yacht Cockpit.

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