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Video TPMS

Under-inflated tires have a detrimental effect on handling characteristics, fuel consumption and tire wear. But what specific forces are involved? Our moderator explains the key issues related to tire inflation and TPMS. We think it will be valuable for you.

Video VDO REDI-Sensor

Take a look at how easily the VDO REDI-Sensor can be installed. The video also explains what you should consider when implementing the original REDI-sensors. Our recommendation: watch it now!

Video part 1

Video part 2

VDO TG1D snap-in sensors – assembly video
In this video we show you the latest version of the VDO OEM sensors: the TG1D snap-in sensor with rubber valve. The video explains what you must keep in mind when installing and servicing it. Make sure to watch it!

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Pre-prograamed TPMS sensors 'REDI' to install straight from the box.

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