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Update Plus

The optimum software update service.

Update Plus is the optimum software update service that can be purchased after one year of purchasing your VDO diagnostic device (optional for the Autodiagnos Check/TPMS once purchased).

This extended software service ensures your device is always equipped with the most recent software, which are provided regularly to ensure a maximum degree of flexibility and security.


  • Always up-to-date thanks to internet updates
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • 12 month period
  • Extension possible on request
  • Activated quickly and securely

 One-off payment

 Product Description  Product Code 
 Autodiagnos Check / Autodiagnos Check TPMS Optional as of purchase   A2C59514653
 ContiSys Scan Optional after the 1st year  A2C88650500
 Autodiagnos VCI Optional after the 1st year   A2C59512093 
 TPMS Pro / TPMS Pro Print Optional after the 1st year  A2C59506953
 Multi-Tester Pro Optional after the 1st year  A2C87758900
 OmiScan Optional after the 1st year  A2C87757700

 Direct Debit

 Product  Description  Product Code 
 ContiSys Scan  Optional after the 1st year  A2C92449700
 Multi-Tester Pro  Optional after the 1st year  A2C92449700
 OmiScan  Optional after the 1st year  A2C92449700

To order your Update Plus card, call 0121 326 1200.

After the diagnosis license has lapsed, only the diagnostic functions can continue to be used and the online databases are excluded from continued use.

If you do not want any more updates on expiration of the update period, then the basic operation of the diagnostic device can continue with the currently installed version.

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