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OE TPMS Sensors

All VDO TPMS sensors will replace an OE and aftermarket sensor.

Replace a faulty TPMS sensor with a VDO valve-based sensor.

All VDO TPMS sensors will replace an OE and aftermarket sensor.
All VDO sensors for tyre pressure monitoring systems have the quality of an OE to replace a faulty sensor like for like.
VDO supply a wide range of sensors for tyre pressure monitoring systems.

OE engineered to deliver an OE fit, function and reliability.

Our TPMS valve-based sensors are mounted inside each tyre to measure the tyre pressure and temperature directly at the valve. Each sensor will send this data wirelessly to the vehicle's ECU to warn the driver if any abnormal tyre air pressure drops below 20%.

The TPMS sensors are OE engineered and therefore validated to deliver an OE fit, function and reliability for a broad range of vehicles. 

TPMS Sensor Application List


A valve-based TPMS sensor includes a valve core, hex nut, seal, seal washer, valve cap, valve stem and a screw.  

The sensor only has to be replaced if it is damaged or the battery is depleted, whereas the service parts should be replaced whenever a tyre is changed or the tyre bead is separated from the rim.

To service and diagnose a TPMS sensor, you will require a TPMS service tool.

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