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Autodiagnos Check

The Plug & Play Autodiagnos Check tool simplifies everyday service activities across all manufacturers.

The new Plug and Play Service Tool by VDO.

VDO Autodiagnos Check

The new Plug and Play Service Tool by VDO.

  • Plug & Select: access to all service activities required from start-up
  • Plug & Identify: Identifies car model, year and controls automatically
  • Plug & Fix: step-by-step instructions guides you through the service process
  • User-friendly with no training required
  • OE data makes you see codes like a dealer
  • Covers all major car and van manufacturers
  • Quick boot-up time
  • One year of FREE software updates (extend with Update Plus)


Autodiagnos Check Software Update 1.5.2

VDO release the best coverage update for the Autodiagnos Check tool.

As easy as it gets - the new Autodiagnos Check service tool

Ideal for everyday use in any workshop, the unit covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers. 


"I am delighted with the Autodiagnos Check tool from VDO. It's simple, quick and easy to use. As a BMW, Mercedes and Mini specialist, I am impressed with the auto detect function and OE data."

- Brian Dewart at BD Autos

"I am impressed with how simple and fast the Autodiagnos Check tool really is, as well as the vehicle coverage and functions it supports. I now use this tool on a daily basis for day to day checks on vehicles coming through the workshop."

- Robert Newall at RJN Automotive Ltd


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Plug & Play

The new Plug and Play Service Tool by VDO.

Your service work just got radically simplified with the Autodiagnos Check tool.

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