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Autodiagnos MT Pro / MT Pro II

No longer available!

The Autodiagnos Multi-Tester Pro has been upgraded to the VDO ContiSys Scan.

The Autodiagnos Multi-Tester Pro has been upgraded to the VDO ContiSys Scan.

The Autodiagnos Multi-Tester Pro has been upgraded to the VDO ContiSys Scan.

As businesses evolve, products and technologies no longer meet market requirements. It therefore becomes necessary to end the production and distribution of certain products and introduce newer products with more advanced features and functionality.

At VDO, we strive to meet our customer’s needs throughout all stages of the product lifecycle. As a result, VDO is initiating the End of Life process of the AUTODIAGNOS MT PRO.

Since the 31st December 2017, VDO can no longer accept orders or provide software updates (if in subscription) after CD3 - 2017.

Support and accessories will be available until at least the end of 2018.

As an alternative, please take a look at the Plug & Play Autodiagnos Check tool.




Product Description Language Size Version Download
MT Pro Cartridge Manager  All languages 44 MB  June 2016  Download
MT Pro Snapshot Reader English 6.8 MB November 2015 Download
MT Pro Software Update All languages 127 MB December 2017 Download

Please select the above option to download the latest 'international' software updates. These updates can be used worldwide within this product and have no territorial restrictions. Note: Further software updates that contain OE data for use within the EU region only are now available for the BMW/Mini & Opel/Vauxhall brands. Please contact our support team for further information.


Spare Parts


VDO Product Code  Description  Status
A2C89231600 2m 25 to 16 pin J1962 cable Available until 31/12/18
A2C88428600 Battery cable Available until 31/12/18
A2C88521800 BMW 20 to 25 pin cable Available until 31/12/18
A2C88381300 Fiat 3 to 16 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88989200 Ford 2/3/4 to 16 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88578200 Land Rover 1-way cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88246500 Mercedes 38 to 25 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C87848300 Mercedes Sprinter cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88765800 Opel/Vauxhall 10 to 16 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C89368900 Renault 12 to 16 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88858800 Rover 2-way cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88263700 Universal power supply unit  Available until 31/12/18
A2C89110600 USB snap shot cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88167500 VAG 2x2 pin to 16 pin cable  Available until 31/12/18
A2C88345500 VW LT35 cable  Available until 31/12/18


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