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VDO TIS-Web & The Changing World of Tachographs

UK, Birmingham, 3rd April 2014. Smartphones make daily lives easier for all.  VDO have added in an array of apps designed to work in conjunction with the Digital Tachograph turning your Smartphone into a remote control for Truck Drivers and a communicating and mapping tool for Fleet Managers back in the Transport Office.   The DTCO SmartLink  can make a versatile software solution for making daily driving more efficient and comfortable for the Driver by allowing the Driver to view the Digital Tachograph data on his Smartphone. The VDO Driver App displays menus and buttons on the smart phones screen, and shows the VDO counter data, Driving and rest times Plus the Driver’s cards data in real time. What could be easier!
VDO TIS-Web Fleet App.  Allows the user to send Daily vehicle Checks and VDO Counter information to the TIS-Web from a Smartphone.  The VDO Counter information is automatically sent every 5 minutes and can be configured to send the location data as it connects from the VDO SmartLink.  Vehicle load information can be displayed on the VDO Counter screen located in the app which is then reported through the TIS-Web Mapping service.
VDO Daily Vehicle Check App.  A further function added to the range that allows a Vehicle Check to take place using a smartphone installed with the VDO TIS-Web Fleet App.  The vehicle check record is then sent to VDO TIS-Web for electronic storage offering Fleet Managers peace of mind that the vehicle is safe to go on the road and there is electronic traceability that this task has taken place. If users are also using the TIS-Web DMM* Service, all the missing vehicle checks can be identified.
TIS Mapping Service:  By using location data from the VDO Special file from the Digital Tachograph (version 2.1 upwards) the previous vehicle locations can now be traced on a map allowing the Fleet Manager to report on the exact location data and routing data of a vehicle and hence the ability to give more accurate schedule deliveries to the customer. By using the TIS-Web Fleet App and the DTCO SmartLink, the actual position of the vehicle and the VDO Counter data of the Driver are transmitted back to the office every five minutes.  This allows the Fleet Manager to carry out real time tracking (positioning) of the vehicles including the remaining driving/rest times at that point.
VDO TIS Messaging Service:  By using the messaging function of the TIS-Web Fleet App,l Fleet Manager can now save and receive message to and from their Driver.  This service also allows automatic reminder messages to be sent to the Drivers to download their Driver card, before their download due date. Reminder messages are also available for Vehicle Unit download and Driver Card expiry dates.
As a manufacturer of Tachographs in the first instance VDO is ultimately a key player in the collection of vehicle and driver data. With years of specialist research and development VDO is already highly respected in the World of Analysis and Archiving of Data, now with the World of App’s VDO are showcasing their talents with new technological advancements which will be further added to in the future under the name of Transport Intelligent Systems.
*VDO TIS-Web DMM is the online analysis and archiving account for digital or analogue tachograph or driver card data.

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