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Autodiagnos VCI Speaks youer Language with Integrated Guided Diagnostics

The Autodiagnos VCI (vehicle interface) is an all rounder that offers solutions for many conceivable variants of vehicle diagnostics with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.

Reading and deleting fault memories, testing and addressing components, displaying measured values or consulting parts catalogs – Autodiagnos VCI can do all this and much more.

The Autodiagnos DSI diagnostic software is the heart of the Autodiagnos VCI and permits easy access to all the data and functions. It runs on any compatible Windows PC and thanks to the optional software updates service, you can be sure all the data is kept up-to-date.

HaynesPro VESA (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant)

The Autodiagnos DSI includes HaynesPro VESA, a tool that will turn your PC into a powerful diagnostics device. Using data retrieved from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system, VESA guides you to the source of the fault and solutions, or options for action are immediately displayed. The module, which benefits from intelligent step-by-step diagnostics, generates local component diagram and automatically generates type-specific diagnostic solutions, whereby the fault code defines the most logical diagnostic path.

Part Catalogues – Order it Once, Order it Right!

Since its introduction in 2010, HaynesPro VESA has proven its value to both workshops and parts distributors. Parts distributions have seen a significant reduction in returns of incorrectly ordered parts. Components displayed in VESA can be viewed in detail, or purchased using the integrated on-line parts catalogues.

Technical Service Bulletins and Recall Data - Single Click Access to Detailed Information usually only known to the Vehicle Manufacturer

HayesPro also contains all the information a workshop needs to repair common faults across a wide range of vehicles. The bulletins specify the cause of the problem and offer a suitable solution. The data complied with the original OEM documentation and is presented in step-by-step instructions, reducing the amount of time required for a fault diagnosis and the involvement of specialist dealers. 



With the DSI software, this diagnostic tool speaks your language with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the diagnosis process.

Autodiagnos VCI

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