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TPMS Service Tools & Sensors

As a brand of Continental, VDO has the knowledge of an international tyre specialist to provide TPMS tools and sensors for garages and MOT centres. Now a 'major' defect on the MOT, TPMS has become a huge business opportunity. Be TPMS ready with VDO!

TPMS warns the driver when the tyre pressure drops below 20%.

Huge Profit Thanks to EU demand

Introduction to TPMS

What is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and the regulations from the EU that's resulting in huge profit opportunities for MOT centres?

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TPMS Go with Wheel


Equipped with the latest scanning technology, TPMS sensors are quickly activated, displayed and programmed with the TPMS Go.

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VDO TPMS Pro: quickly read out, checked and programmed.


The all-in-one TPMS tool. Service, diagnose and replace TPMS sensors for all vehicle manufacturers.

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Tyre tread depth measuring device

This accessory for the VDO TPMS Pro detects worn or damaged tyres with just one hand movement.

All VDO TPMS sensors will replace an OE and aftermarket sensor.

Take the Pressure out of TPMS

OE Valve-based TPMS Sensors

OE engineered and validated to deliver OE fit, function and reliability for a broad range of vehicles.

TPMS Sensors and Service Tools


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From TPMS diagnotic and programming tool to TPMS sensors, VDO offers the solutions to meet your needs. Download

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