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Autodiagnos Check

The revolutionary Plug and Play Service Tool by VDO.

The Autodiagnos Check tool radically simplifies your everyday key service tasks.

The revolutionary Plug and Play Service Tool by VDO.
The Autodiagnos Check tool comes complete with all the cables and kit you require.
Plug and select with the autodiagnos check tool.
Plug and Identify with the Autodiagnos Check tool.
Plug and Fix with the Autodiagnos Check tool.

Everyday service activities are radically simplified across all major manufacturers.

The Autodiagnos Check is a revolutionary Plug & Play service tool that simplifies everyday service activities, without any training or diagnostic experience required.

Its ease of use allows you to work efficiently across all manufacturers with just one tool. Complex applications, such as vehicle ID run automatically, whilst providing step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process. 

  • One year of software updates
  • One year warranty

Order number: A2C14146800

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Autodiagnos Check Software Update 1.5.2

VDO release the best coverage update for the Autodiagnos Check tool. 


As easy as it gets - the new Autodiagnos Check service tool

Ideal for everyday use in any workshop, the unit covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers.


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