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VDO TPMS Pro / TPMS Pro Print

The all-in-one tool for inspecting & replacing TPMS sensors.

Read TPMS sensor data quickly.

Activate TPMS sensors.

Read TPMS sensor data quickly.
Compact and easy to use with a 4.3" high resolution screen and icon-based navigation.
The TPMS Pro Print is equipped with an infrared printer and docking station to print results easily and quickly for your customer.
The TPMS Pro comples complete with a charger and all the relevant cables required, as well as a carry case.

The Best Selling TPMS Tool Worldwide!

Equipped with the latest technology, the VDO TPMS Pro is an all-in-one TPMS tool with coverage for American, European and Asian vehicles. Its advanced features and functions provides you with an intelligent tool that is easy to use and extremely efficient o service and replace TPMS sensors. 

  • 3 years warranty
  • 1 year of FREE software updates
  • Option to extend software subscription with Update Plus


  • The fastest & most intelligent TPMS diagnostic & service tool
  • Displays sensor ID, tyre pressure & battery life
  • Programs (copies/creates) all leading aftermarket programmable sensors
  • Displays OBD2 location for efficient TPMS reset
  • Prints data for customers (TPMS Pro Print only)
  • Rugged design fits well into the workshop environment
  • User-friendly icon-based navigation
  • Stores up to 65,000 jobs
  • Built-in TPMS service help & training
  • Monthly updates guarantees the latest sensor & vehicle coverage


Software Updates

You will receive regular software updates free of charge in the first year after buying the TPMS Pro / TPMS Pro Print.

After that, the license for the software can be extended using Update Plus to ensure your device is always up-to-date with the latest software.

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TPMS Pro TPMS Pro Print
A2C59506457 A2C59506643



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